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薄櫻鬼 Mod Apk Adventure Game Information.

Game Name 薄櫻鬼
Category Adventure

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薄櫻鬼 Mod Apk Description: ■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■

一般版免付費下載,可免費遊戲至故事序章。其後每章須付費約TWD 102購買。

豪華版APP現正販售中,內容包含全部故事篇章,並可直接開啟追加故事,售價約TWD 840。
(與購入完整劇情的一般版相較,約便宜 TWD 690)





土方 歲三(CV:三木眞一郎)/沖田 總司(CV:森久保祥太郎)/齋藤 一(CV:鳥海浩輔)/藤堂 平助(CV:吉野裕行)/原田 左之助(CV:遊佐浩二)
近藤 勇(CV:大川透)/山南 敬助(CV:飛田展男)/永倉 新八(CV:坪井智浩)/雪村 綱道(CV:齋藤龍吾)/風間 千景(CV:津田健次郎)等
Popular in Japan, the popular women sweeping the world to the love game “Hakuoki”, a long-awaited launch of the traditional Chinese version of APP!
Completely transplanted from the PSP version of “Hakuoki”, fully reproduce the full voice system and beautiful illustrations of the gorgeous vocal group! Not only that, but the app also adds a unique new story script, with a newly drawn illustration!

The general version is free of charge and can be downloaded to the story guide for free. Each chapter is then subject to a purchase of approximately TWD 102.
The new story can be added after the purchase of the full version of the story, or directly into the luxury version.

The Deluxe Edition app is now on sale, with all the story chapters, and can be added directly to the additional story, priced at about TWD 840.
(Compared with the general version of the purchase of the complete story, about TWD 690)
※This game supports android4.4 or higher.
※ When the game app is updated, the game record will be deleted.
※ The general and Deluxe versions cannot share game records.
※ When updating to the latest version of the game app, in principle, the purchase history of the paid story will be automatically inherited. If you encounter a situation where the story is not open, you must reset the file. Please pay attention.
※Because of the download fee, it is recommended to use the WiFi connection to download the game.

■ “Holly Ghost”
The time of the end of the curtain, the text for three years —
The protagonist Xuecun Qianhe is the daughter of Western medicine who grew up in Edo.
Her father, Xuecun Gangdao, was supposed to work in Kyoto, but after bidding farewell to her daughter, she lost her voice.
Qianhe worried about his father’s safety, so he only went to Kyoto to find his father’s whereabouts.
In Kyoto, in front of the thousand cranes, it is a new selection teammate who wields the bloodthirsty monsters–

Because of the margins, the new selection team will be inseparable from the thousand cranes.
Just as Qianhe looked for the missing father, the mysterious assassins appeared in front of the protagonist.
The truth is hidden in confusion; the reality is on the verge of overthrow.
The secret of the new selection of the group – the existence of Raksha, will eventually be exposed.
In the era of disorder and turmoil, a group of chivalrous people waved their swords with ideals and beliefs.
In the shadow of the chaos in the end of the curtain, the dark battle of the new selection team also kicked off.

■APP version exclusive limited story “To go to the tea party”
In the third year of Keio in January, Kondo called on the protagonist.
That is to ask the protagonist to replace Kondo and attend an invited tea party.
In the tea party, the protagonist and the new team leader who attended the meeting together gave a story…

※ This story is a new story story created for the APP version, and specially provides a complete new dubbing (Japanese) for players to feel. In addition, six newly drawn event CG illustrations have been additionally configured.
※APP special edition story can be opened after purchasing all the games.
※ It is recommended to read after the game is finished.

■ Show information
Earth’s three years old (CV: Miki Ichiro) / Okada Headquarters (CV: Morikubo Shotaro) / Saito I (CV: Tori Kosuke) / Tengtang Pingsuke (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) / Harada Zuo Zhisuke (CV: You Zuohao 2)
Kondo (CV: Okawa Toru) / Yamagata Kyoko (CV: Iida, Izumi) / Nakagura New Eight (CV: Tsujii Hiroshi) / Izumi-mura (CV: Saito Ryuu) / Izumi Izumi (CV: Tsuda Kenjiro)
※This work is full Japanese voice

What’s new in Update:

  • Everything is free in 薄櫻鬼 Cash/gold.
  • Fixed bugs in 薄櫻鬼.

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