Touch Smith: Raising a Sword Mod + Apk(Unlimited Money/Cash)


Touch Smith Raising a Sword Mod ApkUnlimited MoneyCash

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Touch Smith: Raising a Sword Mod Apk Casual Game Information.

Game Name Touch Smith: Raising a Sword
Category Casual

PlayStore ID 


Touch Smith: Raising a Sword Mod + Apk(Unlimited Money/Cash) screenshots 1

Touch Smith: Raising a Sword Mod Apk Description: [Update 2020-03-03] Version 1.1.70
– Touch Smith Roadmap Open.
-Other bug fixes.

[Update 2020-01-30] Version 1.1.69
-Increased Lollipop maximum combo limit from 5,000 to 100,000
-Press and hold the skill up button to apply continuously
-Other bug fixes.

[Update 2020-01-21] Version 1.1.67
-Increased the number of jewelry Rewards Ad Rewards.
-Fixed bug with data loading.
-Other bug fixes.

[2020-01-17 update] Version 1.1.64
-Version check function added.
-Added Rewards Ads to Earn Jewels
-Added medal bonuses when leveling up swords.
-App icon renewal.
-Lollipop difficulty has been lowered.
-Balance adjustment. (Increase the overall medal acquisition rate)

[Update 2020-01-15] Version 1.1.60
– Other bug fixes.
– Optimization.

[Update 2020-01-14] Version 1.1.59
– Critical bug fixes.
– Added creature system.
– Add data save and load function.
– Lollipop (New Year event lucky bag) system update.
– Other bug fixes.
– Optimization.

[Update 2019-12-23] Version 1.1.45
-Veteran Blacksmith Koon berg emergency fix.
Added ‘hour’ indication to double buff remaining time.
-Medal increase, decrease numerical visualization.
-Other bug fixes.

[Update 2019-12-20] Version 1.1.42
-Full UI renewal.
Added veteran blacksmith Koon
(Smelt 10 times manual smelting power while consuming 100 medals per second)
-2019 Christmas Event Elementals, Snowman Dororon, added (available as a medal)
(Automatically acquire 1 medal per 3 seconds, can apply a Stabby effect)
-Bug fixes related to page movement.
-Other bug fixes.
-Optimization work.

[Update 2019-12-18] Version 1.1.38
-Berserker Potion added. (Critical strike at 100% chance for 15 seconds)
-Bug fixes related to reward ads.
-Optimization work.

[Update 2019-12-10] Version 1.1.30
-Fixed Infinity Cube Critical bug.
-Bug fixes related to reward ads. (Recommended game rerun if not compensated)

[Update 2019-12-09] Version 1.1.28
★Furnace system added (all refine rate increased)
★Balance adjustment
★Infinity cube added (road map public, added medal)
★Some modifications to sword data and images.
★Other bug fixes.

[Update 2019-12-06] Version 1.1.27
★ Apply some themed Christmas themes.
★ Fine adjustment of in-app payment item price (uniform to iOS price)
★ Gauge scale added.
★ Reward ad loading status display and cool time visualization.
★ Fine adjustment of the damage display position
★ Other bug fixes.

[Update 2019-12-04] Version 1.1.26
★ Review of issues with AdMob Banner.
★ reward ads may not load.

[2019-12-04 Urgent Update] Version 1.1.17
★ urgent update after banner-related bug fixes
★ Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Simple simple touch touch clicker game! Touch Smith: Raising the sword !!

Slash your sword and let’s evolve into a sword with powerful damage !!

Automatic smelting of unmanned hardening system!
Smelt more easily and fun by utilizing a variety of passive skills!

Grab a boss monster and get rewarded for skill up !! work!! work!!
If you go to the boss room, the swords he has evolved are automatically gathered and attacked by one point!

If you leave it smelting, even if you leave the system to attack the monsters!
Manual smelting and manual attack are also possible!
Let’s touch it and grab the monster and upgrade the sword!

How many steps will the boss have ?!

[Game description and method]
-Smelt by touching the sword!
-Press the auto smelting button to use the auto smelting function!
-Create a more powerful sword by raising various passive skills!
-Grab the boss and get rewards to boost your skills!
-You are automatically registered in the refined black boss room!
-You can also see a picture of your smelt!
-The sword has been upgraded after you have slept with your automatic smelting on! Wow!
-Insomnia can be cured by repetitive behavior of passive smelting!
-Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Immerse yourself in the light sound of smelting!


Thank you for reading. Be happy!

Copyrightⓒ2019. 1.4soft all rights reserved.
– Setup for fighters

What’s new in Update:

  • Everything is free in Touch Smith: Raising a Sword Cash/gold.
  • Fixed bugs in Touch Smith: Raising a Sword.

Game Rating: | Users Votes: 60


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